Retailers are gearing up for the impending holiday shopping season, and according to one analyst, Walmart (WMT) is the one most likely to dominate.

The company “has a lot of tools at its disposal to gain more wallets here, like Walmart Plus can be aggressive on price,” UBS US Hardline & Broadline and Food Retail Analyst Michael Lasser told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “It’s got a lot of inventory. And so, I think Walmart is positioned to win over the holiday season.”

The current inflationary environment in the US, which saw the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August hit 8.3%, has led to shoppers pulling back on spending in many categories. As a result, even the more affluent customers have turned to stores that offer lower prices.

“I think Walmart believes it has the right to win more wallet share with those consumers,” Lasser said, adding that “the implication

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Crowds at Sydney airport and Australian currency to represent spending on travel.

Crowds at Sydney airport and Australian currency to represent spending on travel.

When most of us browse Aussie holiday home listings, our nightly price limit doesn’t reach into the thousands of dollars, but for some, dropping $18,000 per night on a short stay is well within budget.

Where would one even find a place to stay at that price? Well, fast becoming a favorite with celebrities and high-rolling international guests is Luxico, which describes itself as a luxury home-hotel service that has “opened the doors to some of Australia’s most exclusive and beautiful properties”.

Luxico manages $700 million worth of property in Australia, including more than 220 properties across the eastern seaboard.

Each comes appointed with a 24/7 concierge to attend to any guest requests, along with premium finishing touches such as a nearly of local goods on arrival.

Luxico’s listings are so exclusive that only one in eight homes

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill officially recognizing the Lunar New Year as a state holiday.

Assembly Bill (AB) 2596, authored by Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell), was among the number of bills Newsom passed before the Friday midnight deadline.

The new state law authorizes any state employee to receive eight hours of holiday credit rather than personal holiday credit and utilizes eight hours of vacation, annual leave or compensating time off to observe the Lunar New Year.

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With the addition of the Lunar New Year, California now has three new state holidays, including Juneteenth and Genocide Remembrance Day.

“The Lunar New Year celebrates a chance to leave behind the troubles of the past year and invite prosperity and good luck moving forward,” Newsom wrote in his signing message. “Recognizing this day as a state holiday acknowledges

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Travelers were able to enjoy lower airfare prices this summer, but with the holidays approaching, they should brace themselves for both higher prices and longer lines at the airport, one expert warned.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most traveled holidays on the calendar as people visit family and friends across the country. According to TSA checkpoint dataroughly 2.3 million people traveled the day before Thanksgiving in 2021 and around 2.1 million people did so the day before Christmas Eve.

“We’re expecting to see a huge surge in travel over this holiday season,” Hopper Lead Economist Hayley Berg said on Yahoo Finance Live (see video above).

In 2020, travel was extremely limited due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. While vaccines became readily available in 2021, the delta and omicron variants forced many travelers to scale back on their vacation plans over the holidays.

“We know that

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