The long vacation has arrived and it’s time to decide where the next Toppers traveling destination is! If you are still confused, Japan might be the right tourist destination for you. For a long time, various tourist destinations in Japan have become a favorite traveling choice in the world.

Starting from natural beauty, shopping, to architectural and cultural tours, you can find Toppers in Japan. Curious as to what interesting tourist attractions in Japan are? Take a peek at the list of recommended tourist attractions in popular Japan from various tourist cities in the Land of the Rising Sun!

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo offers a variety of interesting tourist destinations. Whether for architecture lovers, shopaholics, to Toppers who want to see Japanese culture, all of them can be found in various Japanese tourist destinations in Tokyo!

Tokyo Tower

The iconic Japanese tourist destination that Toppers can stop at when landing in Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower. This tourist attraction in Japan with a height of 332.5 meters is very beautiful to look at at night and the lights illuminate this tower. Not only that, Toppers can also go up to the top of the tower to see the beauty of this Japanese capital from a height.

Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea

Vacations to Japan, this one tourist attraction is often included in the mandatory list, especially Toppers fans from Disney. With a variety of recreational rides, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are one of the 4th most visited amusement parks in the world, you know!

Imperial Palace & East Garden

Visiting Tokyo while traveling to Japan, Toppers can also take the time to stop by the Imperial Palace of Japan. In this Japanese tourist attraction, Toppers is full of the cultural richness of this land of the rising sun.

In this Japanese imperial complex, Toppers can enjoy the beauty of the Imperial Palace East Gardens which are open to the public. In this park there are also former Edo period fortifications, namely Honmaru and Ninomaru.


If Toppers vacation in Japan with the purpose of shopping, of course Harajuku is a must-visit destination. The district, which is located between Shinjuku and Shibuya, has long been popular as one of the world’s fashion shopping destinations.


One of the attractions of Japanese tourism is the existence of magnificent temples with charming architecture. In Tokyo, Toppers can find Sensoji Temple, an Ancient Buddhist temple full of historical value.


Not far from Sensoji Temple, Toppers can find a Japanese tourist destination that is no less interesting, namely Nakamise, the oldest shopping center in Japan. Not only can you go on a shopping trip for Japanese souvenir knick-knacks, here Toppers can also pamper your tongue with a variety of delicious traditional Akasuka culinary delights.

Hachiko Statue

Talking about famous tourist attractions in Japan, of course the Hachiko statue monument located at Shibuya Station is one of the favorites for travelers from abroad.

Famous for the true story of the loyalty of a dog named Hachiko to its owner, many people take the time to see this Japanese tourist attraction while on vacation to Japan.

Osaka Castle

Not only the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, in Osaka Toppers can also see the magnificent castle which is very iconic, namely Osaka Castle which has been standing since 1583.

This Japanese tourist attraction not only offers architectural splendor but there is also a museum where Toppers can learn about the long history of this tourist attraction.


Dotonbori is a modern Japanese tourist attraction that is very popular in Osaka. With a beautiful modern urban panorama, especially at night when this tourist area in Japan is bathed in light.

Not only hunting for instagramable photos, Toppers can also hunt for a variety of Japanese specialties when visiting this Japanese tourist attraction.