5 Choices of Activities in Venice Italy for Travelers

Want to visit Venice Italy? Let’s take a look at some of the exciting and fun choices of activities in Venice, Italy for travelers below.

For those of you who intend to visit Venice, here are some choices of activities in Venice Italy that travelers can do when visiting there:

Climb to the Campanile or the Bell Tower

Venice is famous for its beautiful canals. However, apart from that you can also enjoy the beauty of Venice from a height. That is, by climbing to the top of the Bell Tower or what has the name Campanile. Historically, this building is a historic site in Venice which was completed in 912 ago.

Visit the Bridge of Sights

This unique bridge in Venice is one of the historical sites in Venice. Having a long history as well as a dark history, this bridge is now visited by quite a lot of tourists because of its unique and beautiful architectural design.

Visit Murano, Birano, and Torcello

These are the three most famous islands and are close to Venice. The first is Murano Island. The island is known for its beautiful glass crafts. Second, there is Burano Island which is known for its lace crafts. Lastly, there is Torcello Island which is known for its cathedral.

Visit Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is the main square in Venice. This place has a beautiful and magnificent architectural design. Not only that, here there are also many cafes and restaurants scattered around the square.

Hunt for Venetian Cuisine

One interesting thing that you can also do in Venice is culinary. In this city, there are many high-quality seafood dishes that are the mainstay of this Canal City.